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March 26, 2006

Netflix Tools Update

Category: Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 12:41 pm


Netflix recently updated the visual appearance of their site, which caused some problems for the Netflix Queue Manager and the Netflix Ratings Grabber. If you notice that either of these are not working as before, clear your browser’s cache to force the latest versions to load.

The changes Netflix made really seem to slow down page loads, especially on the queue page. They also reorganized some of the page elements, so now the DVDs awaiting release form is now inside the same form that contains the DVDs currently in your queue. This threw off the Manager code that extracts the page elements. That outer form is hidden when the Manager loads, so now the unreleased DVD list is also hidden.

The Ratings Grabber was updated to handle changes in the class names used on the Ratings History page.

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