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June 30, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager Statistics

Category: Netflix — badsegue @ 9:32 am


It is about a month since the Netflix Queue Manager was made available. After some grep-ing of the access logs I’ve assembled some basic stats. These are based on unique IP addresses, meaning that people using the Manager from multiple computers or have shifting IP addresses are counted multiple times. Since there is no tracking of Netflix accounts this is the only way to guess the number of users.

Since May 27 436 people have used the Manager on the Netflix Queue page.

More interesting is that since June 4th 473 people have installed the Manager Greasemonkey script. Since the Greasemonkey version invokes the standard script it means there are a bunch of people who installed it but never used it.

Crunching the numbers a little further we see that of the 436 actual users:

  • 277 have used the Greasemonkey version at least once. That’s 63.5% of the users.
  • 159 have installed and used only the bookmarklet version. That’s 36.5% of the users.

And of the curious yet timid:

  • 196 have installed, but never used the Greasemonkey version. So 41.4% of Greasemonkey users like to install but not use scripts.
  • 70 have tried to use the bookmarklet on some page, but never on the Queue page. Those are people who just clicked on the bookmarklet link but never installed it, or search robots, etc.
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June 22, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager Sorting Updated

Category: Movies,Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 10:21 am


The Netflix Queue Manager sorting capability has been expanded. In addition to the star sort, you can now sort by title, genre, and availability. The collating sequence for availability is Now, Short Wait, Long Wait, Very Long Wait, then unreleased.

Also, a new page has been added to provide installation and usage information for the Manager. If you are trying the Manager for the first time, refer to this page for complete details.

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June 19, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager with BOB

Category: Movies,Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 2:32 am


Support has been added for “BOB”.

This is the mouseover pop-up you see with the movie summary. The positioning of the BOB is a little bit off. In Firefox the BOB is correctly positioned vertically, but not horizontially. In IE the vertical positioning is off as well, but it’s still usable, as long as you aren’t too close to the bottom of the browser window.

As usual, you may need to do a browser cache reset to see the new features.

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June 17, 2005

Netflix Queue Manager now shows Genre and Availability

Category: Movies,Netflix,Software — badsegue @ 9:56 am


The Manager will now show the Genre and Availability data for titles in the queue. If you don’t see this data then you’ll need to refresh the browser cache.

Once things are updated your queue should show you this:

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